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Admin notes advanced Admin notes advanced : Features/advantages: - Create, edit and delete admin notes. - Easy installation (no need to edit files and no existing database tables are changed). - Active Notes: the Zen Cart notifier syst ... [more] 16 Jun 2017 5,074
User Tracking User Tracking : This module tracks your visitors hits on your sitepages and displays pages visited and searches done by users, lists the result in admin, sorted by user-sessions. Compatible with Zen Cart v1.2.6 thru ... [more] 10 Jun 2017 15,614
ZC Inventory Report ZC Inventory Report : This Zen Cart Report module allows for you to check stock levels of the products in your Zen Cart store. Values included in the table style report are: Product ID Quantity in Stock Product title ... [more] 9 Jun 2017 1,901
Orders Exporter Orders Exporter : Orders Exporter allows you to download orders from your Zen Cart shop to a tab delimited text file, which can be edited (printed, saved) in MS Excel, or better still OpenOffice. There are four dif ... [more] 9 Jun 2017 9,387
Clone a Template Clone a Template : This admin tool allows you to easily "clone" an existing template in your store (like the Responsive Classic that's built into Zen Cart 1.5.5 and later), copying all the "source" template's template-o ... [more] 31 May 2017 359
Keyword Capture Keyword Capture : Start collecting keywords entered into your Zen Cartís search engine. Find out who is searching for information in your online store, who are the top users of the search engine, which keywords are mos ... [more] 28 May 2017 264
Total Orders by Customer Total Orders by Customer : This is not really a module or addon per say, instead just a bit of code to show the number of orders by a customer, including the one you are viewing from the admin orders view. 25 May 2017 151
Quickbooks Import QBI Quickbooks Import QBI : QBI lets you import your Zen Cart orders, products, and customers directly into Quickbooks. Features like product mapping, automatic recognition of shipping methods, and support for sales tax, discoun ... [more] 18 May 2017 18,141
EC Analytics EC Analytics : Google Ecommerce Analytics. --------------------------------- This module utilises the latest (as of May 2015) Google Enhanced Analytics Ecommerce API. It records all of your store sales dat ... [more] 18 May 2017 515
Send Email To Non-Customer Send Email To Non-Customer : This plugin will grant the admin the ability to send an email to a non-customer's email address. 26 Apr 2017 37
Database I/O Manager (DbIo) Database I/O Manager (DbIo) : The Database I/O Manager (DbIo) provides an interface for your Zen Cart admin to import and export information from your database, using .CSV files as the interface. Its processing - Uses the b ... [more] 25 Apr 2017 426
Edit Orders v4.x for Zen Cart 1.5.x Edit Orders v4.x for Zen Cart 1.5.x : Edit Orders is an admin module that allows store owners to edit a customer's order. The following edit options are available: - Change the customer, billing or shipping information on an order - Ad ... [more] 23 Apr 2017 9,010
Backup MYSQL Plugin Backup MYSQL Plugin : Backup your MySQL database from within Zen and easy. NOTE: uses exec() function calls to run mysqldump and mysql binaries. Sometimes exec() is restricted from use in shared-hosting env ... [more] 12 Apr 2017 33,683
CKFinder configuration for Zen Cart CKFinder configuration for Zen Cart : CKFinder is an ajax-driven file/asset manager used for uploading pictures to your website. This plugin is a set of configuration files that allows CKFinder to work with Zen Cart and CKEditor. Requ ... [more] 31 Mar 2017 80
Editor - TinyMCE Plugin Editor - TinyMCE Plugin : TinyMCE Editor Plugin for Zen Cart TinyMCE is one of the more popular web-based HTML editing tools available. Installing this plugin lets you use rich-text HTML markup when entering product descri ... [more] 13 Mar 2017 20,026
Log Manager Log Manager : Your store's /logs folder (present in Zen Cart installations v1.5.1 and later) can accumulate files pretty quickly. This plugin enables you to set a time-period after which those .log files will be au ... [more] 27 Feb 2017 34
CKEditor Plugin for Zen Cart CKEditor Plugin for Zen Cart : CKEditor is an HTML Editor for your admin. CKEditor is one of the more contemporary browser-based editors, and possesses a sleek look while providing a wide array of functionality including validat ... [more] 5 Feb 2017 34,012
Block Email Manager Block Email Manager : Block Email manager is a basic, no thrills manager to place unwanted spammers on a list. Once on the list, they can no longer sign in if they had an account, or create account, or use any of the fo ... [more] 19 Jan 2017 33
Update Old Orders Update Old Orders : This is simple module containing a single file uploaded to your Zen Cart root directory. It checks for orders older than 72 hours that are still status Pending (ie. 3 days) and changes the status o ... [more] 15 Jan 2017 36
Database Server Info Database Server Info : I've had a couple of occasions where knowing the details of a store's database configuration were needed to isolate a problem. This plugin updates your store's admin-level "Tools->Server/Version In ... [more] 10 Jan 2017 35
Orders notification & sales analytics Statiny bot Orders notification & sales analytics Statiny bot : Connect your Zen Cart store to Statiny ( analytics and order notifications Telegram and Facebook Messenger bot. Short Description ---------------------- - Get instant order notifi ... [more] 28 Dec 2016 28
Monthly Sales and Tax Summary Report Monthly Sales and Tax Summary Report : This report displays a summary of monthly or daily totals: gross income (order totals) subtotals of all orders in the selected period nontaxed sales subtotals taxed sales subtotals tax colle ... [more] 4 Dec 2016 11,552
Editable Invoices & Packing Slips Editable Invoices & Packing Slips : This Zen Cart module will add an editable region to admin invoices & packing slips. The editable regions are accessible via Tools >> Define Pages Editor in your Zen Cart admin. 4 Dec 2016 425
Recover Cart Sales Recover Cart Sales : Allows viewing of abandoned carts by registered customers and gives you the chance to follow up and perhaps complete the sale. 9 Nov 2016 18,572
All Invoices All Invoices : For busy stores you quite often print all the outstanding invoices, pick the orders and then go in to update the status of the orders. This mod allows you to print all invoices for a given status in a ... [more] 10 Oct 2016 3,616
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