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Recover Cart Sales Recover Cart Sales : Allows you to view abandoned carts by registered persons and gives you the chance to follow up and perhaps complete the sale. Originally written for OSC, modified by many along the way and known to ... [more] 3 Aug 2014 17,745
Perfmon Perfmon : Perfmon logs the notifier points for a page load, allowing you to quickly identify where time is being taken in the page loading cycle. This is a great way to identify areas of code that might be slo ... [more] 19 Jul 2014 287
Bad Bot Block Bad Bot Block : In a nutshell this snippet is to block specific (bad) 'bots from accessing your site. 19 Jul 2014 444
Quick Quantity Update Quick Quantity Update : Quick Quantity Update allows shopowners who manage stock using Zen Cart to more quickly update the Products Quantity field. 19 Jul 2014 490
Meta Tag Character Limiter Meta Tag Character Limiter : This add-on limits your titles, keywords and description characters to the optimized amount for search engines. This will help the search results for Google, Yahoo, MSN and other engines. It works on ... [more] 18 Jul 2014 1,518
Admin Default Language Admin Default Language : You've got a multilingual Zen Cart and you'd like the default language in your admin panel to be different than the default language used for your store. One core-file change. 17 Jul 2014 94
Enhanced Who's Online Enhanced Who's Online : Although the Who's Online feature is already extremely functional, it has needed a 'make-over' for a long time coming. This add-on is a visual enhancement to the existing tool along with the ability t ... [more] 1 Jul 2014 7,348
Convert db2utf8 Convert db2utf8 : This PHP script can be used to convert your MySQL database tables from latin1-to-UTF8 Instructions: 0) BACKUP YOUR DATABASE!!! a) unzip and upload the convert_db2utf8.php file to your store's fol ... [more] 28 Jun 2014 961
Admin Pages Control Admin Pages Control : This plugin allows you to modify the Admin Pages and Menus. Including Name, Sort Order, and Placement. Admin pages can be easily removed without having to run SQL patches manually giving the administ ... [more] 13 Jun 2014 306
Ty UPS WorldShip module Ty UPS WorldShip module : This module will send the UPS WorldShip software the shipping information and package information to create shipping labels. You must have Worldship installed in order for this module to work. This ... [more] 27 Apr 2014 85
Super Orders Super Orders : Super Orders is exactly what its name implies: Zen Cart order management on steroids. It's more in all the areas I always see Zen users asking for more: more navigation options, more order contro ... [more] 18 Apr 2014 40,948
MerchantRMS MerchantRMS : Merchant RMS is a SaaS based risk management system that provides scores for each of your transactions, without affecting your e-commerce sales process. The higher the score, the greater is the possib ... [more] 15 Apr 2014 67
All Invoices All Invoices : For busy stores you quite often print all the outstanding invoices, pick the orders and then go in to update the status of the orders. This mod allows you to print all invoices for a given status in a ... [more] 3 Apr 2014 3,326
JK Order Exporter JK Order Exporter : This module provides a simple interface for exporting order information on a Comma-delimited file (.CSV) You can choose a date from which the report should be made you can chose an end date as well ... [more] 19 Mar 2014 208
Price Increase/Decrease by Percentage Price Increase/Decrease by Percentage : This module can be used to increase or decrease ALL product prices by a given percentage via a simple admin interface. Note that it does NOT affect attribute prices. 4 Mar 2014 257
Copy Sideboxes Copy Sideboxes : Copy Sideboxes copies all your sidebox settings from one template to another (typically your old template to your new one). When you add a new template, the default sidebox settings are "all of ... [more] 1 Feb 2014 141
Edit Orders v4.x for Zen Cart 1.5.x Edit Orders v4.x for Zen Cart 1.5.x : Edit Orders is an admin module that allows store owners to edit a customer's order. The following edit options are available: - Change the customer, billing or shipping information on an order - Ad ... [more] 28 Jan 2014 6,968
Selectable Countries Selectable Countries : You've got a store and you only want to ship to four countries ... today. This plugin allows you to enable or disable individual countries in your database so that if you decide tomorrow that you now ... [more] 5 Jan 2014 925
Email Address Exporter Email Address Exporter : Export email addresses from Zen Cart customer base to HTML, CSV, TXT file format for use in external applications, such as easy importing into Constant Contact or Mailchimp etc. 17 Dec 2013 21,591
Add Customers from Admin (v1.5.0+) Add Customers from Admin (v1.5.0+) : This plugin is based on v1.08 of the Add Customers from Admin add-on developed for the 1.3.x versions of Zen Cart®, but this version (v2.0.0 and later) has been modified for Zen Cart v1.5.0 and later ... [more] 3 Nov 2013 2,922
Graphical Sales Report Graphical Sales Report : A basic sales report with graphs. - Shows Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly sales based on order totals. - Orders status filter feature. - Both numeric and graphic results (graphs generat ... [more] 31 Oct 2013 6,548
Download File Manager Download File Manager : The purpose of this module is help store owners add downloadable files without using FTP and to keep it all centralized in the admin section. Features Multiple file upload, Drag&Drop Support, Upload ... [more] 28 Oct 2013 443
Friendly Bulk Upload of Coupons Friendly Bulk Upload of Coupons : This tool was designed to allow Bulk Upload of Coupons easily. It is very useful when you promote your store with coupon sites like After the installation you will find "Friendly Bulk Up ... [more] 26 Aug 2013 313
Fulfillment by Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon : This tool was designed to export your orders to the FBA format (Fulfillment by Amazon). After the installation you will find "Fulfillment by Amazon" under "Tools" in the Admin. Author: ResponsiveZ ... [more] 25 Aug 2013 265
Easy Single Downloadable Products Easy Single Downloadable Products : This plugin was coded to allow you to add Downloadable Products easily. With this plugin you are able to set Downloadable Products on the Admin Product Page. Without this plugin you have to add the ... [more] 12 Aug 2013 384
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