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Copy Categories Copy Categories : What is Copy Categories? Copy Categories is exactly what its name says, Zen Cart's default category management does not have a "Category Copy Option". Now there is Allows the store owner or mana ... [more] 11 Nov 2012 478 Click-n-Ship AutoFill Button Click-n-Ship AutoFill Button : This contrib adds a simple, yet highly advanced javscript button to your Admin-_Orders page that can automatically take the Shipping Address of that customer and pre-fill the Click-N-Ship form at www. ... [more] 7 Nov 2012 11,273
Admin Master Link Icon Admin Master Link Icon : This mod affects the admin only. It changes the yellow "linked product" icon to an orange "master linked product" icon when the linked product it refers to is in the product's master category. It oper ... [more] 19 Oct 2012 136
Search Log Search Log : Records each time a customer does a search on your site the search term (keywords entered),date/time of the search and the number of results returned. 10 Oct 2012 6,075
Editor - Wyzz wysiwyg editor integration Editor - Wyzz wysiwyg editor integration : Wyzz is a very lightweight wysiwyg editor with easily-customizable operation, particularly toolbar contents/layout. It is much smaller than FCKEditor or TinyMCE, and has better browser compatibility t ... [more] 16 Sep 2012 2,824
Currency Exchange Rates via GoogleFinance Currency Exchange Rates via GoogleFinance : Uses GoogleFinance to obtain updated currency exchange rates 7 Sep 2012 366
Currency Exchange Rates via TimeGenie Currency Exchange Rates via TimeGenie : Provided you comply with TimeGenie's Terms of Service (adding proper credits to your website's footer etc by manually editing your own template/language files), you can use their online service to col ... [more] 7 Sep 2012 89
Module Versions Module Versions : This add-on allows developers to display their module's version number in a Zen Cart admin report along with all supported names and version numbers. The idea is to give end-users the ability to see w ... [more] 4 Sep 2012 135
Export Shipping+Order Information Export Shipping+Order Information : This module enables you to export shipping information in Excel (csv) format for orders placed. What you do with that file is up to you. Some ideas: Drop shipping fulfillment, Analysis of data in E ... [more] 27 Aug 2012 10,666
Sales Tax Summary Report Sales Tax Summary Report : This is a simple sales tax summary report based on the info found in the orders_total table. The Report will show you the totals for each type of sales tax charged for all completed orders. 27 Aug 2012 3,523
Add Customers from Admin Add Customers from Admin : Allows admin to manually add a customer to the database and optionally send them a welcome e-mail which includes their password. This is my first contribution so be gentle :) 2 Aug 2012 26,108
EZ-Pages Meta Tag Fields EZ-Pages Meta Tag Fields : This mod adds 3 additional fields in the EZ-Pages editor to accomodate meta title, keywords and description. It will allow you to update those values without having to manually edit meta_tags.php. If ... [more] 1 Aug 2012 5,771
Excel Populate for Zen Cart Excel Populate for Zen Cart : This addon will provide an ability to download all your store products in Excel file and to add/edit/delete products using Excel File after. In other words, this is an Excel export products and Excel ... [more] 30 Jul 2012 8,301
UPC/ISBN Product Fields UPC/ISBN Product Fields : Creates UPC and ISBN input field in products.php and stores the information in the products TABLE in the database. Does not display the UPC or ISBN in the product listing but this can be easily imp ... [more] 30 Jul 2012 4,521
Sales Report Sales Report : Generate sales reports by date range and more. Easy plugin to Admin The Sales Report is designed to offer professional-level accounting data for businesses who use Zen Cart heavily, with multiple di ... [more] 12 Jul 2012 26,005
Product Cost Display Product Cost Display : This Mod allows you to show your product cost (the cost to you from your vendor) on the product page in the admin area. This mod only displays in the admin area and does not display on the catalog. Th ... [more] 11 Jul 2012 862
Save your sideboxes layout as the default Save your sideboxes layout as the default : Make your current layout settings (i.e. for your current template) be the default. You'll get a new button at the bottom of the layout boxes controller screen (admin-_tools-_layout boxes controller ... [more] 6 Jul 2012 4,562
Email Archive Manager Email Archive Manager : Zen Cart has a great email archiving feature. When enabled, every email sent through your cart is stored in a database table. This is the admin utility to look up emails in this table. Until n ... [more] 4 Jul 2012 14,552
Backup MYSQL Plugin Backup MYSQL Plugin : Backup your MySQL database from within Zen and easy. NOTE: uses exec() function calls to run mysqldump and mysql binaries. Sometimes exec() is restricted from use in shared-hosting env ... [more] 4 Jul 2012 31,786
Fast Updates Fast Updates : This module is a simple to use utility which will allow you to update your product fields in one go. This module makes no changes in the database and updates the default product fields in your product ... [more] 2 Jul 2012 343
Orders Exporter Orders Exporter : based on Easy Populate by langer Orders Exporter allows you to download orders from your Zen Cart shop to a tab delimited text file, which can be edited (printed, saved) in MS Excel, or bet ... [more] 12 May 2012 8,594
Stock vs Sales Stock vs Sales : - For each product sold in a given period (specified in the php file), determines total sales for the product, current stock level, and how many days until the product is projected to be out of stoc ... [more] 4 May 2012 665
Copy Attributes of an Option Copy Attributes of an Option : This modification add to the Attributes Controller following functions: - Copy the attributes of a product that belong to an option name to another product. - Copy the attributes of a product that ... [more] 29 Apr 2012 182
BackUp ZC BackUp ZC : Backup your Zen Cart site and Zen Cart database fast and easy. BackUp ZC adds a 'Backup ZenCart' option under Admin-_Tools It allows you to backup your Zen Cart database and has options to do se ... [more] 27 Apr 2012 7,686
Recover Cart Sales Recover Cart Sales : Allows you to view abandoned carts by registered persons and gives you the chance to follow up and perhaps complete the sale. Originally written for OSC, modified by many along the way and known to ... [more] 23 Apr 2012 16,384
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