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USPS Tracking USPS Tracking : This plugin gives your shoppers the ability to track their USPS shipments on your website instead of the USPS website in a side box and/or a customized defined Zen Cart page. 26 Feb 2018 468
Ship with Customers Account Ship with Customers Account : The Ship with Customers Account module allows customers to add their own UPS, FedEx or DHL shipping accounts to their Zen Cart account. That way, the customer will not be charged for shipping at check ... [more] 26 Jan 2018 17
PO Box Ban PO Box Ban : This mod effectively bans PO Box addresses from being used on your store. It works by comparing the customer's address at sign-up with a range of words/letters often used with these addresses. Er ... [more] 25 Jan 2018 2,483
Seven-Zone Zipcode-based shipping module Seven-Zone Zipcode-based shipping module : I took a couple of osc mods and converted them into one and made a few tweaks. FEATURES OF MOD ARE: 1. Shipping Rate is determined by destination zone according to UPS and DHL 7 Zone zipcode freight ... [more] 23 Jan 2018 1,973
UPS XML UPS XML : Installation instructions contained inside the ZIP file, and mentioned here: This module provides the eCo ... [more] 22 Jan 2018 5,065
Optional Shipping Insurance Module Optional Shipping Insurance Module : This is not necessarily a "shipping" module, as it gets installed under order total, but I'm putting it here, since it has to do with shipping. This will work with as far back as 1.2.7, perhaps eve ... [more] 19 Jan 2018 8,248
USPS Address Validation USPS Address Validation : The USPS Address Validation plug-in implements validation of addresses within the United States. Please, note that the USPS API does not validate addresses outside the United States so this plug-in ... [more] 17 Jan 2018 22
Order Delivery Date Order Delivery Date : This contribution adds an nice fade-in popup calendar during checkout to select the date which they would like their order to be delivered. This is very helpful for stores with perishable items, su ... [more] 13 Nov 2017 6,344
ozpost ozpost : *** NOTE: A MONTHLY FEE IS REQUIRED TO USE THIS MODULE *** I created this module because I found the original AustPost module had several shortcomings that I thought needed to be addressed, or coul ... [more] 10 Oct 2017 6,652
USPS United States Postal Service USPS United States Postal Service : USPS - United States Postal Service module for Zen Cart (Using latest rules: Domestic RateV4 and IntlRateV2) Gives real-time rate quotes for allowing customers to choose a USPS service when select ... [more] 16 Sep 2017 21,279
Product Delivery by Postcode (PDP) Product Delivery by Postcode (PDP) : Product Delivery By Postcode (PDP) allows restricting delivery of certain products to specified (local) postcodes. PDP relies on two shipping modules: the new shipping module named Local Deliv ... [more] 10 Sep 2017 808
Soluship Shipping Soluship Shipping : Soluship(SOLUtion based SHIPments) is a shipment based project in which service is made globally. 5 Sep 2017 12
Zone Rates Mod+ Individual Item Weight Calculation Zone Rates Mod+ Individual Item Weight Calculation : I made some changes to the standard Zone Rates Module for my own use. It ads a radio button in admin settings that changes the way the module calculates the shipping cost. It allows for shipping multi ... [more] 3 Jun 2017 39
MZMT MultiGeo MultiZone Shipping MZMT MultiGeo MultiZone Shipping : Allows shipping to multiple Geo Zones using multiple tables. Geo Zones are defined in the Zen Cart administration tool, so exactly what makes up each zone is left in the hands of the user. Geo Zon ... [more] 30 May 2017 60
ZipShip ZipShip : USAGE By default, the module comes with support for 3 zip code zones. This can be easily changed by editing the line below in the zones constructor that defines $this->num_zones. Next, ... [more] 24 Dec 2016 2,809
Australia Post Shipping Module Australia Post Shipping Module : ALERT: THIS MODULE HAS BEEN KNOWN TO INTERMITTENTLY DELIVER WRONG QUOTES. Contact: Avant Marketing ( for free assistance and resolution to any problems with this module. Thi ... [more] 7 Nov 2016 3,806
Packlink PRO shipping solution Packlink PRO shipping solution : Packlink PRO plugin allows you to connect your webshop to over 50 carriers. Save up to 70% on every shipment and save time by managing everything from one easy to use control panel. No fees or minimum ... [more] 21 Oct 2016 79
MileageShip MileageShip : A simple mileage based delivery calculator. You can specify the dollar amount per mile and also a mileage range for free delivery (say within 5 miles). 4 Aug 2016 74
Geopost/Interlink SHIP@EASEIintegration Geopost/Interlink SHIP@EASEIintegration : Produces file used for the Geopost/Interlink group software SHIP@EASE software. 25 Jun 2016 741
Table Rate Clone Table Rate Clone : This is to make it easier for those who have had troubles cloning the "Table Rate" shipping module. This file contains 3 clones (allowing you to have 4 Table Rate shipping methods/modules). If yo ... [more] 23 Jun 2016 3,609
FedEx Web Services Shipping FedEx Web Services Shipping : This module allows Zen Cart store owners to quickly and easily offer FedEx real-time rate quotes to their customers using the FedEx Web Services API. The module provides quotes for all FedEx Express, ... [more] 15 Jun 2016 2,333
CanPar Shipping XML CanPar Shipping XML : This is taken from the osCommerce contribtion #4402 I have made it work with Zen Cart. Rates no longer need to be updated manually with the addition of XML 13 Jun 2016 1,843
Canada Post Desktop EST Export Canada Post Desktop EST Export : This module allows you to export customer data, including address, e-mail address, and phone number, into Canada Post's Desktop EST software. It makes printing shipping labels so much faster and less ... [more] 2 May 2016 1,142
FedEx SmartPost Shipping Module FedEx SmartPost Shipping Module : This module allows Zen Cart stores to offer FedEx SmartPost to their customers using the WS API. As described by FedEx: Reduce transit time, minimize handling and maximize cost savings with FedE ... [more] 2 Feb 2016 1,080 Shipping Module Shipping Module : makes freight shipping easy with instant freight quotes from hundreds of carriers. Choose the best freight rates for all your shipping needs including truckload, less than truckload ( ... [more] 14 Jan 2016 535
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