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Art Store Template Art Store Template : This is a relatively 'simple' template I created for a client who was going to open an online art shop, but the recession caught up with him and he's abandoned the idea. Rather than let it go to wa ... [more] 5 Jun 2009 8,027
Patriot Patriot : Patriot Template for ZenCart 1.3.8* Author: Eric Butler (http://americanwhitney.com/testsite) Version: 1.0 License: under the GPL - See attached License for info. support: http://www.zen-cart.com/ ... [more] 4 Jun 2009 3,766
Sanguine Easy Embed Template Sanguine Easy Embed Template : (man I really suck at this part) The Easy Embed template is a program that would allow one to control the over all look of their template w/ one HTML file. Originaly designed to work w/ sites that ha ... [more] 14 May 2009 8,732
Candy Candy : candy is a brightly colored fun template 17 Mar 2009 7,729
Nifty Zen Nifty Zen : This is another simple Zen Cart template (just like I like 'em) with not a lot of clutter. This time, I've utilized the Nifty Corners technique. View in action at http://www.niftyzen.sagefish.com ... [more] 15 Mar 2009 24,183
Zen vBulletin Template Zen vBulletin Template : Alas, your Zen Cart and your Forum can share a common theme and look uniform. Centered Header Logo, cleaner Footer, unique graphics. The Result, is a reflection of your professional image. This ... [more] 22 Jan 2009 2,669
Pretty in Pink Pretty in Pink : This is a basic template made by changing the colors in the default_template stylesheet.css, making a few positioning changes, tile_back.jpg, and logo.gif. Lean and ... Pink. 20 Jan 2009 16,777
The Bookshelf The Bookshelf : Combination of pale yellow and maroon (#FDF4D7 & #550000). Just need to change your logo image, and you are ready to go. Bettercategories buttons already included. The boxes are 175px wide, remembe ... [more] 6 Jan 2009 11,262
Arabic Classic Template Arabic Classic Template : This is the exact English "Classic Contemporary Green" tempalte converted to right to left, with arabic buttons. 25 Dec 2008 6,084
Advent Xmas Advent Xmas : Designed for Zen Cart version 1.3.8*. Tested using Firefox, IE6, IE7, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome. Suitable for ZenCart 1.38 and 1.3.8a Advent/Christmas/Everyday Template Fixed width 3 column di ... [more] 7 Dec 2008 10,746
EzSilver EzSilver : Silver template with free matching logo 20 Aug 2008 7,670
EzOrange EzOrange : Orange template with free matching logo 20 Aug 2008 6,718
EzYellow EzYellow : Yellow template with free matching logo 20 Aug 2008 3,541
EzRed EzRed : Red template with free matching logo 20 Aug 2008 6,723
EzBlue EzBlue : Blue template with free matching logo 20 Aug 2008 11,313
ZJ - ZenCart jQuery Template Pack ZJ - ZenCart jQuery Template Pack : ZJ - ZenCart jQuery Template Pack 5 ZenCart jQuery templates in one package. 1) ZJ Silver 2) ZJ Silver Wide 3) ZJ Orange 4) ZJ Black 5) ZJ Black 2 All templates come with sortable sideboxes - ... [more] 12 Jun 2008 27,011
ZJ Silver ZJ Silver : ZenCart jQuery Silver is a jQuery magic version of ZenCart. It contains collapsible and removable sideboxes, stored in a cookie so states are remembered on page load. Additional product images are d ... [more] 29 May 2008 13,106
Template #241 - Templates13 Template #241 - Templates13 : First build of the ZenCart templates from Templates13.com 30 Mar 2008 15,473
green marble green marble : very nice green marble theme Demo at http:www.themagicrock.com 15 Mar 2008 6,141
purple light purple light : very nice purple lights see demo at http://www.theleatherpurse.com 15 Mar 2008 4,161
wdh zencart tpl wdh zencart tpl : Enjoy New Flower Cart template. You can make your shop differently for each shipping Zone. Please follow the readme.txt for detailed instruction. *** NOTE: This template has hard-coded customized l ... [more] 18 Dec 2007 7,882
Mother Earth Mother Earth : Mother Earth Template Converted From Darren Hester's CSS/HTML Design 8 Dec 2007 14,823
ArkiTEC-HD Black ArkiTEC-HD Black : Hi-Def, really simple, rather sleek, fairly slim and totally BLACK. This might suit an electronics, software, technology, minimalist or modern etc type web site. You can view a working example a ... [more] 4 Dec 2007 16,651
Its Christmas Template Its Christmas Template : Just Released In Time For Christmas: ItsChristmas V1.0 Classic Template Modified SCREENSHOT: http://www.modmycart.com/shop/bmz_ca...ge.560x350.jpg LIVE DEMO: http://www.modmycart.com/zenits ... [more] 10 Nov 2007 9,279
Clean Business Clean Business : A clean and light color template. new buttons also included. (template + PSD can be downloaded free at csstemplateheaven.com) ***NOTE: BASED ON v1.3.0.1 ... and is missing newer features of v1.3.7 ... [more] 8 Oct 2007 18,790
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