I am in need of help! I have uploaded zen-cart, installed it, changed permissions etc....However I am clueless as where to go to modify, customize, change my template!! I am very familiar with web design and am capable of designing my own logos and graphics, but this is greek to me. I know nothing about PHP.

I really don't want to have someone else do this as I need to familiarize myself with the content and how to accomplish these tasks.

Can you somehow download the template and modify it in dreamweaver, or will this mess up the PHP side. I have tried following the tutorials but it is difficult to find the information you need.

I have found a few templates which I do like, Basicly if someone could guide me where to upload the new templates to and where the CSS stylesheets are to modify

Zen Cart v1.3.8
Webserver = Apache
MySQL Version = 5.0.45-log
PHP Version = 5.2.6

Thanks A mint!