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    Default Using Attributes for Webinar Registration

    I'm going to start using my ZenCart for my webinar registrations. The idea being that when I start charging for these events, that'll be easy to add. The other benefit being that I can limit how many seats I sell (the inventory).

    The question I have is that I may do the same event twice (or so) in the same month. I don't want to create the product twice in the database, so I'm assuming it will make the most sense to use an attribute for the dates. The challenge is tying inventory to specific dates.

    For example if I can get the user to select July 9 or July 21 for a webinar, I can deduct an inventory from that date, but leave it unchanged for the unselected date. Does that make sense? Has anyone done this before?

    Is my logic sound? Is this the best way to do this in ZenCart? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    BTW, my cart is at

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    Default Re: Using Attributes for Webinar Registration

    There's a 'stock by attributes' mod here:

    I haven't used it.

    I may join you for your July 9th Adwords webinar. I'm pretty well convinced that click fraud negates the value of Adwords in many cases, but maybe you can convince me otherwise.
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    Default Re: Using Attributes for Webinar Registration

    Thanks for the tip; I'm downloading it now.

    About the webinar: if you truly believe that now, I doubt I'll convince you otherwise, at least not in this session. This session is for newbies who are trying to figure it all out, what it's value is for their business, etc.

    I've been doing it for myself and clients now for a while (Google AdWords campaigns), and I can't say that click fraud, if existent on these campaigns, has undermined the ROI. I know what i'm paying, I know what I get in return. If there's click fraud involved, then it's the cost of doing business, in my opinion, and well within my gross margins to absorb. Or, put another way, the leads I'm getting this way are far more efficient and cheaper than most every other option I have, even with potential click fraud.

    Anyway, thanks again on the mod tip. I'll let you know how it works.



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