mysql 5.2
My client has large product names...
He has inserted html break tags in the prod_name field. (varchar)
ie BIG product <br> 60mm <br> etc.
He has done the meta tag setup for some products which include product name.
The top bar of the browser shows the product name and the site description. The products without metatag definitions set do not show the html <br> tags.
The products with meta tags set Do show them as
BIG product <br> 60mm <br>.
Can anyone help me with this.
Ive tried changing the mime-type in the db but it makes no difference.
Would it be that the function that is generating the top bar info is not stripping out the html??,,,...but the tags only show up as text when metatags are defined...
Its an ugly look, ALSO the<> parts of the tags are stripped out in the navigation toolbar but the br becomes part of the address. Very messy.
If someone could throw some light on this I would be eternally grateful.