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    Default categoryListBoxContents and hard-coded widths

    Was there a legitimate design reason behind making the end-user edit module files in order to remove inline CSS from this element?

    For those who are unaware of this issue, in order to change the way the listing of categories displays on the category index, you have to edit category_row.php, a module file. What possible reason could you have for implementing inline CSS in this way?

    This isn't the only area in which there have been an arcane or at the very least unclear rationales for settings in Zen Cart, but this is the only time I've felt so frustrated that I needed to post about it. It required four hours of searching through old forum posts to determine where this dang setting was, because the issue was in no way made clear by the internal documentation, such as it is, within the code. There's no admin setting, no way to refer the engine to the external stylesheet, and no attempt to direct the templater or user in the right direction. At the very least the applicable templates should be altered to include comments directing the user to the appropriate module script.

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    Default Re: categoryListBoxContents and hard-coded widths

    Wow I finally find where the 33% comes from...



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