I've recently taken a site over for an individual that no longer works with our company. Our locations page has a couple maps of our sister locations. It's a google map that seems to be powered by Multiplotter (see link below)

Locations Map

One map works fine, the other map is all jargon. I went to the Multiplotter site and couldn't log in to see if this error was due to something on their end or not. I'm wondering is this something that may have been caused by me making modifications in zen cart (i'm really new to the platform and I could have messed something up without knowing).

Also, I don't think the location page is a define page, if it was I could have made edits, where can I find which page actually calls the script? I'm new to zen cart, so sorry if this questions sounds "newbie-ish".

Any help or pointers or alternatives will help greatly.