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    Default Thinking of buying a template . . .


    I am a Zen newbie!

    I am considering buying a template to use with my Zen Cart. I am seeking some input from others who have done this. I'm wondering if these templates are easy or difficult to install, and easy or difficult to work with once installed?

    Before I pay the money for one, I'd kind of like to know if I will be able to cope with it. I would describe my technical skills as "basic to moderate".


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    Default Re: Thinking of buying a template . . .

    Depends on who you buy a template from ... Suggest you do a search of the forum for the company you have in mind.
    Please do not PM for support issues: a private solution doesn't benefit the community.

    Be careful with unsolicited advice via email or PM - Make sure the person you are talking to is a reliable source.



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