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    Default Revise description using myphp admin


    I need to add a few keywords into the description of my product. Is there a way to do this directly in the database using myphp admin rather than entering it one by one in the description field of the product?

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    Default Re: Revise description using myphp admin

    Well, first of all, you wouldn't add key words to the description of your products, you would add them to the meta-tags.

    Second, you don't want to do that via the your database directly cause you might break something.

    There is something built right into your Zencart admin that allows you to add key words to your products, catagories, and sub catagories if you want.

    If you go to Admin->Catalog->Catagories/Products->a catagory->a product

    and look all the way over to the right, you will see some odd little buttons under Actions. (actually, you will see them as soon as you click on catalog)

    Hover over the one that looks like a Nuclear hazard symbol and it will say "Meta Tags Undefined". Click on that. It will bring up the page where you can define the meta properties for that product, or catagory.

    Clean, simple, and it works.

    Hope that helps,

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