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    Default Password not showing in Customer Password Reset Email

    I'm also having issues with the password not showing up in emails. I've checked the [email] source code and it isn't there either. There are no customer details either, I'm pretty sure I've never touched the 'store/includes/templates/templates_default/templates/tpl_password_forgotten_default.php
    ' file to change anything.

    I am new to this, and I've been searching the forums for a long time before posting, hopefully it's an easy fix.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Password not showing in Customer Password Reset Email

    1. What information "is" in the email?
    2. What is the "minimum password length" that you've specified in your admin area under Admin->Configuration->Minimum Values ? That's the length of password that's generated by the password-reset page.

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    Default Re: Password not showing in Customer Password Reset Email

    Nothing like wasting my life on searching forums for a simple fix. (I feel like an idiot)

    It was your second suggestion. I had set the minimum password to 0 a while back in a poor effort to see if I could get rid of the forced registration.

    Thank you very very much. Cheers.



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