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    Default USPS shipping module / tare weight

    This tare weight is driving me nuts.

    zen cart version 1.3.8a

    Goal: Set up USPS shipping module using tare weight so multiple orders in the same session do not compound packaging materials weight

    IE: I want to set it up so that the tare weight is added only one time into a total multiple purchase weight.

    My average packing supply weight is about 7oz or .4375

    When I add a product to the catalog I enter its actual weight, not the packaged weight.

    I have my product weight entered as pounds and ounces in the decimal point system.


    Book 1 weighs 10 oz = .625
    Book 2 weighs 6 oz = .375
    Book 3 weighs 1lb 6oz = 1.375
    total weight 2lbs 6oz = 2.375

    I test the shopping cart for product weight calculation per item.

    I add a book to the shopping cart. Above the item it shows how many items and the how much it weighs.
    The weight shows correctly. I add the other two books to the cart, one at a time to see if the weight is calculated correctly for each addition. The weight is correct for each addition.

    In shipping/packaging > the "Small to Medium - added percentage:weight", I'm thinking to set a percentage figure with weight set at 0 is the way to accomplish what I want. I have tried adjusting the percentage weight until the cart shipping estimator total lines up with USPS website calculations.
    This worked until I added in a third book and then the tare weight goes higher than expected. So I back the tare percentage down until it again lines up with USPS website calc.

    The problem is when I add just one book to the cart I get offered first class mailing when I know once packaged it will be too heavy for 1st class.

    I hope this explanation makes sense. Anyway with the weight figures I've given and my goals what should I be doing with the tare to get things correct?

    Has anyone else had success with this?
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