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    Default UTF8 and ASCII PHP files Probles?

    Hi All,

    I am brand new to ZenCart. I am trying to translate ZenCart in my native languages in India.

    I have followed CrystalKoi's advice for using UTF8 and as far as mySQL Database entries are concerned it works very well. I am able to store the data in Indian Languages.

    Now coming to User Interface, I have converted all files in includes/languages/english/to UTF8 because I have to enter the Indian language translation there.

    Now most of the times it is showing Indian Languages for User Interface however it creates problem some times. This time when I am able to see the form for User Registration, I am not able to send the Info to database and I am getting a blank page.

    What could be the reason??

    I accidentally saw in /public_html/myShop/includes/languages/english/html_includes that there is a garble character like ´╗┐ appearing there. When I do this on my computer off line it is correct, but when I upload the file and do testing ´╗┐ appears. Is it that I have convert all related files to UTF8 and then do testing or can I do it as I progress...

    What could be the problem?

    Is it that I have to convert all files from ASCII to UTF8 ??

    I will appreciate any help......

    I will appreciate if CrystalKoi can share his expereince.



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    Default Re: UTF8 and ASCII PHP files Probles?

    Quote Originally Posted by nnitin View Post
    ... I am getting a blank page.
    FAQ on troubleshooting blank pages: (esp part 2a)

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    Default Re: UTF8 and ASCII PHP files Probles?

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks a lot. I will check with debugger.





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