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    Default Selling webinar, download --> registration page

    New ZenCart user, just got the system set up and testing now.

    We would like to hold a series of instructional webinars relating to our main business. I would like to list the webinar as a "downloadable product." However, the "download URL" would actually be a link to a webinar registration page (provided by and hosted by the webinar hosting company when we set up the webinar).

    This would be a URL completely outside of my server, and would be the same for all who sign up for a particular webinar (but each webinar would have its own unique URL).

    So, a customer who buys a seat at webinar #1 would be given a "download link" that brings up a webpage at:

    h++p://w w

    Can this be done?

    (I did search the FAQ and the Forum for "webinar" and "seminar" and "registration" and a couple of other things with no luck.)
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    Default Re: Selling webinar, download --> registration page

    The easiest way would be to make the product a genuine downloadable with the URL embedded in a file together with your company logo, date and time, password if required and agenda.
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