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    Default Website customization to make my store look like my current site?

    Gday all

    I already have a ebsite selling items, my question is, is it possible to make Zen cart look exactly like my current site with relative NIL PAIN.

    Thats the site, I basically am okay with coding however am totally lost as to how Zen cart might interpret code.

    Ive the Zen manual, but cant seem to grasp where i turn Zen into my site.

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    Default Re: Website customization to make my store look like my current site?

    Yes and no. Yes Zen Cart can certainly be made to look like that, but with nil pain, no.

    This would involve mapping your site's features to Zen Cart equivalents. Turning off any others and then styling the ones your need to match what you have on your site. Probably wouldn't require much in the way of code changes. Just lots of CSS work.
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