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    red flag /admin/zc_install/index.php not found - erased!

    - Using: v 1.3X (8?)
    - Never upgraded since initial install
    - Nifty Zen template (CSS/XHTML, table-less)
    - Mods include: Checkout Without Account, shipping cost by dollar amount spent, payment gateway mods

    I have a client whose site uses Zen Cart for its e-commerce solution (much to my chagrin). I have moved their site to a different server and for some reason I now get this error:
    The requested URL /admin/zc_install/index.php was not found on this server.
    I have since replaced the default index.php file with a default server page, but I seem to remember deleting the zc_install directory as I was told to do by the Zen Cart pages after the install (way back in 2007).

    Now, if I want to upgrade or reinstall over the existing Zen Cart installation (which seems to be the only solution), the instructions indicate to use the zc_install/index.php file to do so. Seems pretty stupid on Zen Cart's part to instruct the user to delete this when it's called for in the case of an upgrade (also if you peruse the Zen Cart support forum threads, other situations also require having this directory intact)

    Has anyone had a similar experience, or know enough Zen Cart stuff to help me get out of this boat, on which I'm slowly sinking?

    The other problem I have, is that this is a heavily modified installation that I worked on over the span of the last two years (see list above) and I'm afraid that an upgrade will remove all these and/or not be compatible with the latest version of ZC, once upgraded.

    I appreciate all feedback or tips!
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    Default Re: /admin/zc_install/index.php not found - erased!

    if you moved zencart from one server to another or to another folder. you may want to look at both confugre.php files and make sure paths and root location are correct.

    you can find both files in

    includes / configure.php
    admin/ includes / configure.php

    the problem that you are facing it can be related to path and directory setting for new host .



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