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    Default Need Someone to set-up new web site

    We have been using Zen Cart 1.3.5 for over 2 yrs. It was set-up by someone else, not at all familiar with Zen, but has worked pretty well all this time.

    We have managed to update, add and remove items without too much trouble. We have never set-up the shopping cart, but rather have used Google one-touch buttons.

    We are moving our office to a new location, changing to an off-site host, and think this is a great opportunity to start fresh with a new version and make the site more efficent, and correct some of the errors and oversites made in the initial set-up.

    We purchased the Ebook for Zen Cart, but simply do not have the time to learn all this! Updating and maintaining we can handle.

    So what should I expect to pay to have someone create the new site, and is anyone on this board capable and up for the task?

    The site is pretty simple, less than 20 SKU's, but needs to be set-up with the full blown shopping cart to work with Google Checkout & PayPal.

    We would like to find someone who understands SEO as well.

    We also need a second site that will be almost identical (one is retail, one wholesale).

    Suggestions, ideas?


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    Default Re: Need Someone to set-up new web site

    There is the Commercial Section of the Forum where you post Jobs and deal with people who are familiar with Zen Cart and the coding required. Should be able to find someone who can do what you ask.
    The learning is in the doing.

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