ok, so im getting in-depth to make sure that everything is viewing properly in multiple browsers... and im having a few issues.

1. everything looks fine in firefox 3.0.8 FOR ME, and for some of you who have looked at my page, but i know at least 2 other people who are on 3.0.8 who cannot load the flash on the main page.

2. everything looks good (as far as i can tell, so far) in Opera. 9.6.4 (havent checked anything older)

3. in Chrome ( and Safari (4 public beta), the site looks good, in terms of spacing, but the entire main body is shifted over under the header, by the width of the whole page.... html validator (in FF) shows this message:

"<table> lacks summary attribute " for this line:
<table id="contentMainWrapper" width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" >
so i dont know if that is what is shifting everything over to the right.

additionally, the flash carousel is not showing... however it is also not giving any error messages?

4. the biggest mess is of course, IE. I cant even get it to finish loading (it says 1 item remaining, which i assume is the flash)... and because it wont even stop loading i have had no luck with debugger...

Any suggestions would be welcome, as i start the "cleanup" phase here...