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    Default Spaces disappear in Product Descriptions

    I find that my product descriptions get multiple spaces truncated down to a single space. If I want to over-ride that, I have to use   ... That works fine, but the next time I edit that description, all occurences of   will be gone and I will have to reinsert them. Is there any way to prevent that?

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    Default Re: Spaces disappear in Product Descriptions

    Multiple runs of white space, by default, are not displayed in web browsers. They all truncate to a single space. So I suppose a simple editor like that included with Zen Cart also defaults to that behaviour.

    To avoid that you can do one of two things. You can install a better editor -- I installed FCKEditor in one of my stores and find it works fine. Or you can do your editing in a separate program designed for HTML editing, storing the results in files you maintain on your hard drive, and then copy and paste into ZC whenever you need to.

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