I am running ZC 1.3.7 and I just got an email from a customer who couldn't check out. After looking into his issue I found that checkout has stopped working altogether! I haven't made any changes to the site other than upload an image. That is it and now the site doesn't work.

The checkout link can't seem to find the right filename! Here is what it looks for:

That last part doesn't look right -- it should be this:

I ran the PHP debug utility and got this:

[19-May-2009 14:50:23] PHP Warning: session_save_path() [<a href='function.session-save-path'>function.session-save-path</a>]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/home/coshla2/public_html/deadseamarket/cache) is not within the allowed path(s): (/var/www/vhosts/deadseamarket.com/httpdocs:/tmp) in /var/www/vhosts/deadseamarket.com/httpdocs/includes/functions/sessions.php on line 151

I am setting the site to maintenance mode for now -- anyone have any ideas????