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    Default Handling PayPal payments based on whether funded from bank account?

    For orders paid w/ PayPal, if the customer sourced the funds with existing PP funds or a credit card, then we're paid immediately. In that case, I want the orders to default to "processing", so that download links are provided immediately. If the order consists of physical goods, we'll pull, pack and ship right away.

    But if funds are sourced from their bank account, I want to know about the order immediately, but I want it set in "pending" status. In this case, we don't want download links provided, and in the case of physical goods, we'll pull and pack the order, but hold it for shipping until the payment has been funded.

    Is there a way to recognize a PP payment sourced by bank funds, so that we can set the order status to "pending" automatically?

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    Default Re: Handling PayPal payments based on whether funded from bank account?

    Sounds like a good improvement. Is that only for UK customers? I have a Paypal account, but haven't used it in a long time.....had some bad dealings with Paypal (personally with them), and lost $$ on deals that buyers scammed me out of. From my experience, Paypal is there to protect the buyer, not the seller. I stopped using eBay and Paypal because of this.



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