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    Default Setting Up Zones/Taxes

    Okay, so i am a nubee on Zen cart, and I am up to part where I have to set up the tax zone...maybe i am getting lost in translation, but this part just isnt clear to me.

    Can anyone tell me, because of the fact that I am only selling products in the US, do i have to identify and set up the tax rate for each state individually, or do i just use my current ga state tax rate for each state. In other words i would set up the tax rate for each state at 7% which is the ga tax rate and state I live in.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Setting Up Zones/Taxes

    Kind of a minefield right now, but most Zenners only charge sales tax to the customers in their state, unless they also have some sort of 'presence' in other states.

    There's a lot of litigation going on about this right now, and I read recently that Amazon no longer allows affiliates from North Carolina because of the laws there which define affiliate activity as a presence (called a 'nexus') in that state, making all purchases from Amazon taxable to NC residents. New York also has such a law and I think California is considering one.

    Most of us are probably small enough to fly under the radar, but the taxing folks will get to us eventually, so write your state legislators.

    All that said, it's probably best to ask your/an accountant.



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