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    Default Has anyone ever lost their ZenCart store that was hosted by Network Solutions?

    I have a web site I developed using Zen Cart and was hosted by Network Solutions. It was up from February 2009 until August 26 2009. All of the files on my hosting plan just disappeared. Called Network Solutions and they say someone "had to have" logged in and deleted the files.. Only I have the username and password to the store and FTP, so this does not make sense and I haven't touched the site for 4 months! My client didn't notice their site being down until the middle of September. Network Solutions only keeps backups of their servers for 3 days so my site is completely lost, and can not be recovered.

    Anyone else ever experience this problem? What do you tell a client that spend $2500 for a site, to only have it up for 7 months.. I have no backup since we constantly made changes up until a few months ago and everything was done using the Zen Cart app that was installed on the server. (no file uploads from a local computer to make updates ) Just wondering if I'm alone in this or not. I've haven't had previous experience with Network Solutions, but never have read great things about them as far as reviews, and think they are extremely over priced. My client had already purchased their domains and hosting through them so I was just trying to utilize what they had. Any suggestions on what I can do about this? I'm transferring the clients domains right now to GoDaddy.. Which Network Solutions has made it be a big pain, requiring my client to call them everyday to authorize the transfer. (unlock the domain, remove the privacy, change the outdated email address of where the EPP code was being sent) Because I'm only the Technical contact, and one of the administrative contact, but not the primary. Even my clients wife can't give authorization. Biggest Pain! My client has even tried putting the account in my name and making me the primary. Network Solutions won't allow it this either.. I guess they may be secure on domain transfers, but not secure in their hosting!!!

    Any word of wisdom or advice would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: Has anyone ever lost their ZenCart store that was hosted by Network Solutions?

    netsol's hosting is substandard anyway ... good to be moving.

    However, that said, your real problem is much more serious than where you're hosted. You and your client both should have been doing regular backups. Backups are *not* the responsibility of the hosting company. Doing work on a client site and not keeping backups for your (and their) protection is ... well ... shortsighted to say the least (your client should be using much harsher language). Not coaching the client on how to do their own backups is an additional thing that you should hang your head about. I'm not trying to be cruel. Just calling it like it is.

    Nevertheless ... without backups, you have nothing. Time to start over. Sorry.

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    Default Re: Has anyone ever lost their ZenCart store that was hosted by Network Solutions?

    Also, not to pile on, but the host you're planning to switch to isn't much better.

    I suggest you check out these:



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