Hi guys,

I thought this shop project was near completion, but suddenly something strange happened.

My url is: www.sexymenswear.eu (sorry for this name :) not for me, for a customer).

I rebuilt the Cold Steel template.

My problem is that on top of many pages, the word 'Product' is displayed (just above the main page image on my index page). It is a h1 header and I dont want to delete all h1 headers by using h1: display:none;. I use many h1 headers like product headers etcetera. I checked so many things, but cannot figure it out. It is not in the pages .php itself, none of them contains the 'product' word.

How on earth can I remove this 'Product'on top of my main page, shopping cart, checkout etcetera.

I dont know why it is there so i dont know how to remove it.

Many many thanks!!