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    Default How do I get the zencart admin window to show up?

    Last August I installed zencart after quite a lot of flailing around. I was able to bring up a template and begin customizing it on my local computer. Then my day job distracted me and I haven't done anything with it since.

    I'm trying to get back up and running but don't recall how to get the admin window to show up. I looked on the internet for tutorials and found something regarding the login.php file in the zencart/admin folder. However, I don't know how to direct my local computer to find that file.

    I was able to get phpMyadmin up using:

    but I don't know how to tell my computer to find the login.php file.

    On my laptop it has this path name:
    Macintosh HD/Users/snicklefritz/local_sites/zencartdir/admin/login.php

    I've tried typing in http://
    and then inserting various parts of the above pathname but I keep getting a message saying file not found.

    what can I do to get back to the zencart login? I don't think I remember the password so what would I need to do in order to reset it?

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    Default Re: How do I get the zencart admin window to show up?


    I looked around on the internet and finally managed to get to the Zencart setup screen. I actually did this last august so I figured it would tell me I already installed everything. However, I get this message:

    * /admin/includes/configure.php does not exist more info...
    * /includes/configure.php file does not exist more info...

    Why would it tell me these files don't exist if in fact I had the whole think working back in August? What would I need to do in order to fix this? I'm pretty sure the files are there since I haven't erased anything



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