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    Default Create Package Deals?

    Using 1.3.8a Zen Cart.

    Is it possible to package together existing products at a discounted price... or advertise special discount if each item is added to the cart individually.

    I can imagine just creating a single product that would contain the description for multiple products and then using a cross/up sell module to bring the discounts to the buyer's attention if they were looking at the single product.

    Also, is it possible to have multiple products in the package be downloadable products?

    For example.
    A - book
    B - download of some sort
    C - download of some sort

    Cost for 3 individually is $30.

    Would like to create Product D that contains products A, B, and C.. but cost would be $25.

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    Default Re: Create Package Deals?

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    Default Re: Create Package Deals?

    Are the Ultimate Cross Sell and Multi Cross sell working for the discounts as well? I couldn't find it in the readme texts and do not know if it is should be an obvious info or not.
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