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    Default 1.3.7 to 1.3.8a - free shipping problems

    I have just upgraded from v1.3.7 to v1.3.8a. I have decided to change the way we deal with shipping, on v1.3.7 I had the Royal Mail addin which calculated postage rates below a £50 spend and free shipping over £50. Now I am using a "Table Rate" option for a flat rate of £2.95 shipping up to £30 and free shipping over that, but with the Royal Mail addin installed so customers can choose to pay for quicker shipping. For orders below £30 and between £30-£50 this all works beautifully, however over £50 and it is still showing the "free shipping over £50" option and not giving a choice to pay for 1st class or special delivery.

    I cannot figure where the system is picking this information up from, any suggestions would be gratefully received. Is it somewhere in the database, or is it in the php files? I have installed free shipping and removed it, turned it on and off, but nothing seems to get rid of this £50 option. My website is and the problem shows both on checkout and on clicking Estimate Shipping from the shopping cart. These postage options are all applicable only to the United Kingdom.

    Thanks in anticipation! Alison

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    Default Re: 1.3.7 to 1.3.8a - free shipping problems

    OK, I've had another rummage through the database and found this value in the configuration table, I've changed it to 1000 and the postage seems to be displaying fine now. I don't think anyone's going to order £1,000 worth of goods (sadly!), so that should cover that. However, if anyone has any suggestions of why it did this and what this value should be if you're not using the free shipping modules, I'd be interested to know.



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