I've got a weird problem that's been puzzling me for hours.

I have a local copy of my site running on windows/xampp (which is apache), and the live version running on linux/apache. I make changes to my local, and when I'm happy, upload to live - a fairly typical setup.

Yesterday however I mad some changes to my theme's stylesheet that looked good locally. But when I uploaded the changed stylesheet to my live server, the changes were not reflected on the site.

I tried everything I could think of. All changes made would take affect locally, but not on the live server.

Finally, out of desperation, I deleted ALL the stylesheet.css files in Classic, Template_default, and my theme, both on the test server and live server.

The live site, while changed, is obviously still loading from a stylesheet. On the other hand my local test site looked like crap - completely unformatted just the way it should be with a blank stylesheet.

Somewhere, either pages are being cached on the live server (I deleted everything from the cache folder just to be safe) or some other weird thing is up.

It's not my browser, as after deleting all the stylesheet.css files I opened the site on a pc which had never been to the site. Still loaded with some css intact.

I'm continuing to work on this, but does anyone have any suggestions as to what's going on??