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    Default No Receipt or Cart Update after Payment Gateway process


    I am using CCAVENUE as payment gateway for my shopping cart as I have to sell stuff only in India. I understand the issue I am facing might not have anything to do only with the gateway I am using.

    After the payment gateway collects the payment, it does not redirect the user back to the shopping cart, there is link that asks the user to go back if he/she wants to.

    The issues is, after the user selects to go back,
    1. he finds that the number of items are still the same in his shopping cart and

    1. also there is no email receipt sent to the customer or to the admin (the payment gateway sends the mail though).

    1. Also, the admin home does not update with any purchase.

    I reckon there are some setting that needs to be done in the credit card area in Configuration that I dont know about. Or is there something else. BTW, I am redirecting the user to the checkout page from the payment gateway. So I believe that the session should also update.

    Please help,

    P.S: The system work entirely if I try to take payment from DD or Cash or COD.

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    Default Re: No Receipt or Cart Update after Payment Gateway process

    Take it up with the 3rd party individual that ported this as a module
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