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Thanks to both of you.. Ya'll are the BEST!!! Will certainly give all of this a try this weekend (provided I can get folks to leave me alone with my geek toys..)

Nigel are you familiar with the Super Sleight script?? I have had EXCELLENT success making PNGs in IE6 behave with this script in place.. No more blue halos..
Diva the halo i am talking will happen on any browser or image program as its part of the image, not an IE handling bug in this case, the imagefill function doesn't handle alpha transparancy, you need to use imagefilledrectangle, but when i tried that it caused a few other issues namely stuffing up gifs and jpegs, so yeah the above code change improves it for pngs but its not perfect yet. if you look on the link above select the "transparent test preset"and create the buttons you see the red around them when they are on the white background