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    Default Display Stock Quantity at Checkout

    Hi Can I have the shopping cart display how many of a item are in stock. I dont want to show how many of a item I have in stock till checking out so have turned it of on product page but if a customer wants to buy more than I have I want them then to know how many they can buy rather than have to guess how many there is. Hope that makes sense.

    I have looked through this forum for ages to see if this has been answered, but if I have missed it I am sorry.

    Zen cart version 1.3.9d installed

    Thanks Elaine

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    Default Re: Display Stock Quantity at Checkout

    This doesn't make sense. If I get as far as checkout - only to discover that I can't actually buy what I thought I was buying, I'd get quite annoyed and probably abandon the site.

    Do what will please your customers - and as far as I can make out, that would be to tell them what's in stock BEFORE they go through the process of cart and checkout.

    Besides... the programming for this is contradictory, and would probably involve a fair number of conditional statements in order for it to function.
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    Default Re: Display Stock Quantity at Checkout


    have you figured it out? I am having the same issue. I am testing an update to 1.39d (now using 1.38.)

    In 1.38, the shopping cart reveals the available quantity of products when more than available have been added to cart. This does not work anymore in 1.39d. When moving the missing code to 1.39d, it only shows zero, despite the availble stock.

    The missing code in 1.39d on template/my template/templates/tpl_shopping_cart_default.php on line 87-93

    <?php if ((STOCK_SHOW_LOW_IN_CART == 'true') && $product['flagStockCheck']) {
    echo '<span class="alert bold">';
    echo ((isset($product['stockAvailable'])) ? $product['stockAvailable']0);
    echo '</span>';

    My guess is that the zero after ['stockAvailable'] on line 90 above should be replaced by some code to make it work again.
    Anyone can help out?

    Thanks, Ronald

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    Default Re: Display Stock Quantity at Checkout

    Just found this thread, just might be the answer.



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