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    Default Admin sign up blank

    My zen cart admin area is unavailable. When I go to the url it is blank... no sign in. I have checked with Safari, IE, Opera, and Firefox. I am not getting any error messages. And I have checked the url.

    It is not a completely live store. There is no payment module activated.

    I am running zen-cart-v1.3.9d

    I have 3 add ons

    Fast and Easy Checkout v1.8.1
    CSS JS Loader v1.6
    Customer Tax Exempt v1.3

    I have loaded my back up admin file from 7/30/2010 with no change in behavior.
    I have loaded my whole store back up file with no change in behavior.
    I have not reloaded the sql files.

    The configure.php files are set to 644.

    I deactivated the ssl for admin, etc. And I went straight to the got the login and now have a blank page after logging in. With no error message.

    The front end apparently is working properly. I have not done a full test.

    My other cart is working properly
    Thanks for the assist,


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    Default Re: Admin sign up blank

    Check the similar threads listed at the bottom of this posting
    Search the tutorials for blank page
    Zen-Venom Get Bitten

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    Default Re: Admin sign up blank


    I had searched extensively and had not seen the admin login blank so didn't realize they would be related.

    I got to DrByte's enable_error_logging.php

    There were about 12 files that had 2 extra lines at the end of the pages beyond the closing ?>

    I have no idea how they got there. Just glad I did not need to start from scratch.

    Thanks for the assist. You rock.




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