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    Default Show Normal Price and Sale Price by Attribute

    I am using the SaleMaker for 10% off a category. It does work, but I want to show the normal price and the sale price per attribute.

    Is there a way to show both prices by attribute, simular to the top Starting Price and Special Price?

    Top: Price: Starting at: $12.80 $11.52

    Have attribute show Small (+$12.80 $11.52 )
    Or something simular

    Katrina Robb

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    Default Re: Show Normal Price and Sale Price by Attribute

    You will have to do 2 things to make this work.

    1. Add the extra attribute amounts in the particular attribute settings.

    2. If you want the price on your product page to dynamically update to new price with attribute.
    That wasn't the plan!



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