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    v1.3.8a incorrect display of tax


    Not sure if this is the right thread but here goes;

    I have been living with the incorrect display of tax until I have more time to look at it, in the knowledge that the total paid by the customer is correct.

    Then I recieved this order tonight, any ideas?

    Sub-Total: £54.98
    Zone Rates (Shipping to GB): £0.00
    Discount Coupon: a788965763 : -£11.49
    : £6.70
    Gift Certificates: -£25.00
    Total: £33.26

    Site is

    Version 1.3.8a

    Any help much appreciated.....

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    Default Re: v1.3.8a incorrect display of tax

    Many changes were made in v1.3.9 to address some minor anomalies.
    Have you tested the same scenario in the newer version?

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