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    Well I eventually found out what the problem was - I had to reset the permissions on the files after modifying them - so that they couldnt be written to - before the browser would access them.

    I don't think that it mentions this anywhere in the set up instructions. It tell you how to alter permissions for installing and then leaves the issue there - leading to you getting stumped when you try to get into admin.

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    Default Re: Admin page weird

    I am having the same issue. I have followed the instructions word for word but have had not luck.

    I have edited the admin/include/configure.php file in the three locations stated.

    Renamed the admin directory.

    But get a web page does not exists error.

    I have deleted the file and re-uploaded a new configure.php file, I have attempted to reinstall from scratch.

    I have changed the attributes to read/read only and still not luck.

    Can someone explain what I could be doing wrong? Am I missing something that isn't written in the instructions?

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    What *exactly* is your "same" issue?

    A "web page does not exists" error suggests that you're typing a bad URL into your browser ... and nothing to do with a configure.php file setting. But, since *your* exact issue isn't exactly clear, it seems we need more information about what exactly you're doing and what you're expecting to see happen when you do so, and why, vs what *is* happening contrary to your expectations.

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