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    Default New products not showing in sub categories

    A friend contacted me yesterday looking for help with her Zen cart. I told her I'd ask around, so here I am.....

    here is the email I received from her...

    I created a new category this week then 2 sub categories. When I had done so, the products I had put into each of the sub categories did not show (only as “new” products within the category) so I have had to upload them to the main category meantime.

    Any assistance greatly appreciated.



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    Default Re: New products not showing in sub categories

    You might provide more information
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    Default Re: New products not showing in sub categories

    * What version of Zen Cart are you using? Zencart v1.3.8a/v1.3.8. I note that the 2 other sites are 1.3.7.

    * Has your site been upgraded? When? From what version(s)? Not that I know of.

    * What addons have you installed? When? Sagepay from launch and Paypal 6-8 months ago.

    * In what ways is your site customized or different from a brand new uncustomized install? As far as I know, it’s not

    * If you're encountering display/layout problems, post your site URL* so it can be seen in action.

    * If you're encountering problems that could be related to your server or hosting company, include the name of your hosting company (not their URL). Webfusion

    * WHEN did the problem "start"? How does that compare with other events of your hosting company, changes you've made to your site files/addons, or your admin settings, etc? 10-12 months for Sagepay problem, this week for categories. 2 of my sites were built by the same guy, hosted by RSTO in Edinburgh then transferred together to Webfusion. Both sites have had new versions of Sagepay upgraded but that was only about 2 weeks ago.

    * How does the set up differ from your other sites? All Zencart, all doing the same thing, hosting company etc. The 3rd was built by someone else. The only difference I can think of is that the AC site had a category link to TCJ. This has been changed this week to a direct link on the left side of the home page.

    * Have you tried speaking to the company that hosts your site? No

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    Default Re: New products not showing in sub categories

    What are the main and subcats that have the problem? Are the subcats currently active? What products?



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