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    Default French language pack questions

    Using zencart v1.3.9h

    I installed French language pack v1.3.9-1.0 and have a couple of questions

    In French when it displays new products for 'month'

    The month is still in English. Does anybody know where the names of the months are kept ?

    Also if the currency name is changed it will be the same for both English and French. Any way to solve this ?

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    Default Re: French language pack questions

    My knowledge of php is limited so any help would be appreciated.

    Any dates that is displayed, when french language is chosen, it's still in english.

    in the general.php there's a function named zen_draw_date_selector and in the french.php and english.php
    the months are defined. I guess there's a relationship between the two.

    in the french.php there are two lines
    define('TABLE_HEADING_NEW_PRODUCTS', 'Nouveaux produits pour %s')
    Line #306 : define('TEXT_REVIEW_DATE_ADDED', 'Date d\'Ajout : %s');

    where does the string for %s come from ? it should be in french but it's in english



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