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    help question shoppingCart->add_cart quantity?

    I'm writing a modification where I add products to the shoppingCart with add_cart function. However, in a case where there is already one product with the same id, the product is not added, but the amount remains 1.

    Debugging the code it seems that add_cart calls update_quatity, which updates the quantity to 1.

    Is the correct way to use add_cart when adding the new product really add_cart($products_id, $number_of_exising+1) ?

    To me this is not logical and not in line with the comments in the source file...

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    Default Re: shoppingCart->add_cart quantity?

    That is not how a stock install works as it increments the quantiyu
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    Default Re: shoppingCart->add_cart quantity?

    Are your products defined with a "Product Qty. Maximum" value? It sounds like they might be defined with a maximum of 1 ...



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