I just started using Zen Cart and am getting everything set up so I can start adding products. I am currently trying to figure out the Pay Pal IPN module and its making my head hurt.

I have followed the directions in the admin and have tried running a couple test payments from my credit card (not logging into my pay pal account). The transaction goes through on pay pals end, but when I get redirected back to my site it gets complicated. It sends me to the thank you page, but does not show an order number (just blank after your order number...). When I log onto my fake customer that I created it does not give me the option to see past orders, and no new order shows up on my admin home page.

So I can take peoples money, but I do not know what they paid for! Maybe not a problem for some, but I am guessing this will not lead to repeat business. I also tried the testing IPN instructions on this forum:


Everything came back ok. Any ideas as to why this is happening?