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    Hi guys!

    I just wanted to find out if anyone else here is having problems with PayPal where literally only a handful of orders aren't processed on your website.

    No settings have been changed on our website and we've had PayPal as a payment option for about a year now. At the beginning we had some duplication errors with orders, but that was sorted out with settings. Since then, for about 6 or 7 months, we've had no problems at all. Then about 2 weeks ago some PayPal orders don't get created in ZenCart. It's about one out of every 10 orders.

    It's driving me insane! One or two other people I know that also use PayPal as a payment method have recently started having this kind of issue as well.

    Has anything changed with PayPal lately that could cause this?

    Thanks so much guys!

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    Triple check all your files for modified date and look in your admin for an unknown admin user

    As you are using for a year plus, you are most likely not using the latest version and might have been hacked
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    Default Re: PayPal Issues

    I've had exactly the same problem... most orders come through fine, but about 1 in 10 fails in the last 2 weeks. Frustrating as I'm not quite sure where to look for the problem... my site has not changed...

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    Default Re: PayPal Issues

    What version of Zen Cart? If you're not using the latest version (as of today v1.3.9h), why?
    Which PayPal module are you using? If you're not using Express Checkout, why?
    What do your PayPal debug logs show? Zip them up and post a link where they can be downloaded for review.

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