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    Default Paypal Button broken

    Zen Cart 1.39d
    Not upgraded, no recent addons

    In the last week, I've been getting reports from customers that they can't pay with Paypal or credit card. What happens is after clicking the button, the system "hangs" and generates a "2006 MySQL server has gone away."

    According to advanced hosting support at GoDaddy, the link is cycling back to Zen Cart and that it's a Zen Cart issue.

    Free orders are not impacted. No purchases have been processed in the last 10 days. Please help!

    TIA - Lindee

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    Default Re: Paypal Button broken

    After going 'round in circles with PayPal & GoDaddy, I picked up a few tidbits to refine my forum search and found the answer here:

    "No. The only place you need to set anything in your store as far as CURL goes is in Admin->Configuration->My Store->CURL Proxy Status. AND IT SHOULD BE SET TO OFF. "

    I am still curious why it worked before but then broke…




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