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    Default Canada Post shipping calculator - Can someone help me troubleshoot this??

    So I built a zencart shopping cart awhile ago and the shipping module for canada post worked at first.

    I was letting the stock manager add stock via the GUI and he`s not a TOTAL noob (knows enough to do damage) so I would assume he`s lying when he said he didn`t touch anything he shouldn`t have.

    Suddenly the Canada Post shipping calculator is grossly overpricing.

    I`ve went through all of the stock and dimensions and made sure they`re in the right dimensions but it`s really crazy expensive all of a sudden.

    I can`t figure out what to do...

    (The UPS works but the person who`s in charge prefers Canada post)


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    Default Re: Canada Post shipping calculator - Can someone help me troubleshoot this??

    I had this same problem. Just to they have an ONLINE WEBSITE Canada Post account setup that the website is linked to?

    This is NOT the same as the regular account with Canada Post. Here is the info in the mod instructions:

    You'll need to sign up for a SellOnline account at CanadaPost (free). Contact them for further help. At time of writing, their phone number is: 1 866 511 0546 (choose options 1, 2, 2)

    THEN go here:

    Login and you can setup the different package sizes you need etc. Then the quotes start working properly in the website. I had a client where it would work, but it was charging outrageous prices until we figured out that this account was different from the normal Canada Post account.

    Hope this helps!



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