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    Default Payment process

    I am new here so don't flame me to bad first time out the gate.
    I am using 1.3.9 on linux server hosted at Godaddy.
    My question is this.
    I am using The Zen Cart FREE CHARGE CARD with a downloadable product.
    Everything seems to work fine, however the current process to get the product downloaded is checkout and wait for approval from the admin. Then you can download product.
    Since the product is free I would like client to just get link and download after checkout. Is this possible? and or should I use another method of checkout that is free to client?


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    Default Re: Payment process

    If you edit the freecharger payment module's settings and change its Order Status to "Processing" instead of "Default" or "Pending", then the downloads will be available immediately. This is fine for the Free Charger module. Not recommended for something like the check/moneyorder module though, since you wouldn't want to activate an order until the check is received and deposited and cleared the bank.

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    Default Re: Payment process

    Thanks DrByte, That helped a lot. That may have been in FAQ but I just did not ask the right question for it to come up.

    Thanks Again



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