I use percentage when creating a sale.
The total a lot of times is wrong by a few cents depending on how may items were ordered.

For example, I have a products with a sale price displayed as $4.71, a customer ordered 7 and it shows like these:
Qty    Price(ex)  Price(inc)   Total(ex)   Total(inc)
7       $4.71  	  $4.71 	 $32.99 	$32.97
Subtotal: $32.99
Based on the displayed price of $4.71, I expect the price to be just that $4.71 x 7 = $32.97, NOT $32.99

The biggest issue this creates for me is that I cannot automatically import these transactions into QuickBooks because it is not in balance.

Is there a setting I can change so that it calculates total just like the prices displayed? Or which is the file that controls the rounding for this so I can take a look and hopefully be able to change it.