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    Default easy slider problem need your help

    Hi i need help with the easy slider found in aberdeen natural template.

    i changed the site to be from right to left from some reason after doing all the changes the slider stopped work.

    i didn't touch the easyslider jscript and his css also not in the define_main_page.

    i only changed the language files and css.

    When i am adding float: left to this css

    #slider ul, #slider li, #slider2 ul, #slider2 li{margin:0;padding:0;list-style:none;}
    the slider works but it is only change the images not slide them

    note: slider worked in default aberdeen natural.

    site is

    Please advice

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    Default Re: easy slider problem need your help

    As I said on the template support thread when you posted this, I would recommend contacting the author of the javascript or a javascript expert for help.


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    Default Re: easy slider problem need your help

    Thanks Anne,

    May be someone here can help me to solve this problem.

    i am not sure the problem is with the jscript.



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