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    Default 1034 Incorrect key file for table 'zen_customers'; try to repair it

    Quote Originally Posted by kobra View Post
    Using a backup depends upon the date and if the table existed then

    Do you have or did you have any customers?

    If not, this table can be re-created as an empty table

    If you had customers you will need to find a backup somewhere to restore them
    Can someone tell me how to do this. I dropped my zen_customer table in db 4. Tried restoring so many times I'm dizzy from db 2. Myphpadmin always says the restored back up of db 2 into db 2 but it says it is a empty db when the restore is complete. I was trying to copy zen_customer from db 2 to new db 4 and I dropped the table (gone poof), In my many attempts to fix as I said now have an empty db 2. db 4 is there is myphpadmin and it looks like all the tables and data are there except the zen_customer.

    Since the original db is empty, can I just recreate an empty table to make the cart work. If so HOW?

    I have been trying to get this cart up and going for 10 days. I have made things go from:

    1034 Incorrect key file for table 'zen_customers'; try to repair it in: [select count(*)


    1062 Duplicate entry '1' for key 'PRIMARY' in: [insert into zen_customers_info

    to where I am now with no zen_customer table

    1146 Table 'zc4.zen_customers' doesn't exist
    in: [select count(*) as count from zen_customers]

    I just started out helping a friend upgrade their cart and now I have shut down their store for 10 days. I wouldn't be lying saying I have cried and stay up night after night trying to find the fix.

    I have backups from cpanel going back to 7/10
    a fanstatico back up of the store for db 2
    and individual exports of db 2 from cpanel (those are the ones I keep trying to restore and the phpadmin says they are empty after it restores.

    Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

    What version of Zen Cart are you using? should be 1.3.9 now both versions 2 and 4

    Has your site been upgraded? When? From what version(s)? 10 days ago # 2 went from 1.3.7 to 1.3.8, 2 was working accept for 1038 error, made a clean install creating # 4 got error 1062 when trying to register customer

    What addons have you installed? When? not sure

    In what ways is your site customized or different from a brand new uncustomized install? It uses apple_zen template

    If you're encountering display/layout problems, post your site URL* so it can be seen in action. Layout looks great in #4.... #2 is really bad.

    If you're encountering problems that could be related to your server or hosting company, include the name of your hosting company (not their URL). I am the host for my friend.

    HAVE YOU LOOKED IN THE FAQ AREA for answers to your question? (ie: a search for your error message or what you want to edit/change, etc) Yes, I have tried every thing I can find to try.

    Have you searched the FORUM for your error message or for answers to the question you're asking? Yes

    WHEN did the problem "start"? How does that compare with other events of your hosting company, changes you've made to your site files/addons, or your admin settings, etc? 12 days ago I did cpanel and mysql updates, 11 days ago I did apache update and php to 5.3

    If this is your first store, have you tested all aspects of transactions before going live? My friend does have two other stores which have the original error, I have not touched those yet. They only have the patch applied and have the 1034 error if you log in to the admin or if someone tries to register.

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    Default Re: 1034 Incorrect key file for table 'zen_customers'; try to repair it


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    Default Re: 1034 Incorrect key file for table 'zen_customers'; try to repair it

    Glad you found a solution by repairing your database table.

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