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    Default Manual Install (Password Entry) Error - Bug?

    Second Install did not go so well. During the install process of the Admin Password it throws out the "Password" not secure enough error

    Password not secure enough. Requires letters and numbers, and at least 7 characters. more info...
    Tried many different types of passwords for testing and the server stats go along with the details.

    Admin User: Beta1502011

    Passwords Used:
    (Note) These are randomly generated not actual passwords


    Screenshot Attached

    Server Stats:
    Server IP:
    PHP: 5.2.17 and 5.3.6 (Both Versions Failed) {Two Servers}
    MySql: 5.0.92-community
    cPanel Version: 11.30.1-STABLE_99999
    Apache version: 2.2.19

    Status: New Install No Upgrade
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