Had several looks throughout the forum to see if there's a procedure for having perishable items only being sent UPS overnight, while other dry goods have the regular UPS shipping options. The couple things I've found keep pointing me to ceon advanced shipping app. Ajeh really knows what he/she is talking about but the scenarios are always a little different.

My client sells frozen tamales, chili and queso in varying combo packs for set prices with "shipping included", not "free shipping". Client doesn't want Free Shipping shown. These go out UPS overnight...

"Frozen/refrigerated products are normally shipped UPS second day on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Dry Product may ship in separate package UPS Ground." according to the client.

Is there a way to have the various combo packs in my tamales category set to only have UPS Overnight for the specific price of the combo pack while dry goods like salsas, hot sauces, etc. can have normal shipping rules/costs and go out separately?


Thanks ahead of time!