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    Default Can't access my site's admin section

    Hello all. I tried logging into the admin section of my site this morning, but I received the following error instead:

    The customer end of the site is fully operational, why is this error appearing? I could really use some help, I'm sweating quite a bit over this.

    EDIT: Also my cpanel page is working fine so combined with the working front end of the site I assume the problem is not related to the server the site is hosted on, but rather is related to a zen-cart based issue.
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    Default Re: Can't access my site's admin section

    Running 1.3.8? If so I would guess you have been hacked.

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    Default Re: Can't access my site's admin section

    FP to your website, (or open file manager through cpanel) and check if your admin directory still exists, has the name changed? if it has then yes you may have been hacked.

    Another thing to try is, open the link again then press ctrl+F5 to force a refresh without using local cache.



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